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I heard I wouldn't get two diplomas if I just completed a double major, so I became one of the sixteen students in my class who graduated from the dual degree program. I received a B.S.B.A in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and a B.A. in Leadership Studies.

I live and breathe travel. I studied abroad twice while at Richmond and I am constantly planning my next trip (currently looking forward to visiting Colorado and Wyoming).


My music taste changes monthly. The top artists of my 2022 Spotify Wrapped were The Rolling Stones, Morgan Wallen, The Strokes, and Doja Cat.

A cornerstone of my personality is lending a hand and I hope to make an impact on the world one day. So far I have raised seeing-eye dogs and spent an incredible summer interning for a non-profit.


I like staying active. I worked as an ocean lifeguard for years and I am always looking for new hikes to take my dogs on.

Even through I am done with my formal education, I am contantly looking for ways to continue to learn. Whether its a podcast, a book, or even the Google Digital Marketing andE-commerce Professional Certificate.

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